Do Holiday-Themed Campaigns Work?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 2:02pm

Holiday themed campaigns can work if they are good. Capturing the attention of the consumer is difficult with all of the holiday noise going on. A good holiday campaign can really boost sales. To get a great holiday campaign put together takes time and effort; this is where ad agencies can really help.

Here are some stats to keep in mind when planning your campaign. Yesmail's Consumer Online Behavior Report show the following:

  • One in five consumers plan to begin shopping at least three months before Black Friday
  • 80% of shoppers online and 71% of shoppers in stores agree that email offers entice them to buy.
  • 62% of consumers have used a mobile device to compare web prices while in store
  • Almost one half of consumers prefer to make purchases online Monday - Wednesday

Taking this information into account as you build your ad campaign will help. Having an ad agency to help with the steps of setting up a great holiday campaign can really take the pressure off.  A good campaign takes time and thought to put together. Ad agencies have the personnel in place to make sure all of the work gets done in a timely manner. Holiday campaigns take a lot of time that many businesses do not have. Running the business can take all of the time you have and there is nothing left for the big holiday themed campaign that you need.

There are six steps that need to be taken to get a great campaign. Ad agencies can help with each of the steps that need to be taken.

The first thing that needs to be done is to identify the goal. More sales, more traffic or just getting the company name out there. Once you have defined the goal make sure all the aspects of the campaign tie back to it.

Second grow your email list. Get your message to as many people and email addresses as you can.

Third, don't make email your only channel. Include Facebook, Twitter and PInterest as well. Hand out flyers and get your business out there.

Fourth, when you see or speak to customers ask them if they have seen the advertising. This will let you know how well the message is getting out.

Fifth, when the season is over measure the results. Did it produce what you were looking for?

Sixth, keep marketing during all the seasons of the year. Finish one campaign and start another. This can really keep your name out there in the public eye and they won't just think of you at the holidays.

Holiday themed campaigns can really work wonders for a business if properly laid out and executed.  Ad agencies can help plan the whole process from start to finish. This can really take the pressure off the staff of the business and allow them to concentrate on doing what they do best. Remember, don't stop with just the holiday campaign but continue on for the rest of the year as well. Checking out all the ways to keep your company in the mind of the consumer will have benefits all year round. 


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