Top Ten Travel Apps for Planning Your Trip

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 3:11pm

Want to travel? Great, but travel takes a lot of planning. You should create a list of action items to take care of before you leave.

After choosing your destination, one of the first items on your list should be to compare your travel coverage options. There is an easy way of doing this without making calls or going to a travel agency. Using travel apps for handheld devices is great method because all one needs to do is download it to your device. You can be abreast of all that is happening without having to be there physically and this is a very desirable feature in these apps.

There are also apps to help you with booking your flight, hotel, activities and even packing. Here are some great apps that will help you prepare for your trip:
1.       Kanetix Travel App
This app helps you make sure you are covered wherever you go. You can do a comparison and then purchase the travel insurance. You can also check the weather of your destination, use a checklist to keep track of your planning and search for must see locations in your destination.
2.       Packing Pro
This app provides customized packing lists that are gender specific and can even be tailored for families or business travelers. There are even fun pre-trip task lists to utilize.
3.       Tripit App
Every great trip needs an itinerary and this useful app gathers all your trip data and pulls one together. You simply forward all your trip confirmations to their email and your itinerary is created.
4.       FlightBoard
Want to have a display of flight information right on your phone just like in the airport? This app will do just that. It even makes the flight data sortable. This can really help when you've missed a flight and need to find the next one.
5.   Seatguru
This app updates travelers on the seating arrangements in a plane and allows them to share their seating arrangements with others as well. The color green shows a good seat while red shows a bad seat; yellow shows the worst seat that should be avoided at all costs. This covers almost all airline seat maps thus helping the passengers in making the best decision regarding their seating arrangements.
6.   Tripomatic
You can enter your destination and your expected stay time and this neat little app plots the attractions and things one can do. Then you can share it with those who need to know your itinerary.
7.       Wi-Fi Finder
Utilizing GPS, this app will tell you where the nearest WiFi is available and even gives you directions on how to get to it.
8.       Travel App Box
Once at your destination you can use this app to help with different types of conversions like currency and clothing sizes. It also provides information about public transportation and the ability to search country codes.
9.       M8
This app provides satellite navigation that combines directions with local information and traffic updates. The local information of any given destination is plotted on a map and one can see shopping malls, areas to park their cars and ATMs.
10. Google Maps
You might not think of this as an app, but when you're in unfamiliar territory it can be a huge help. It's no fun getting lost when you're on vacation and missing out on the fun stuff.
This list just scratches the surface of the travel apps available. Travel can be a joy when you plan ahead, have the proper insurance in case of accidents and relax. Oh, and apply sunscreen liberally.


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Thanks for sharing these travel apps Fleur! I just started traveling a lot for my job at DISH, so I’ll definitely have to download most of these apps before my next trip! One app I’ve been enjoying on my travels so far this year is DISH Anywhere. I am a TV addict so I use the app to watch all of my shows from home, live or recorded, everywhere I go. I love to use it for entertainment purposes in airports and such, but really I just love the fact that I never have to miss my shows when I’m half w

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