What Are Dedicated Ethernet Connection Technologies Designed for These Days?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 12:24pm

Internet technologies have greatly advanced in the last few years. A few years ago, the options were limited to a few types of internet connectivity but today, the types of networks available to businesses and individuals are massive.

You can choose to have LANs, WANs and WLANs among others along with other possible subsets of these networks. The speedy revolution in internet networks is due to massive and different needs of different businesses and individuals.

While some people are comfortable with standard internet connection, others require speedy unlimited connections. Different internet technologies were developed to address these differences. A dedicated Ethernet service is one of the many technologies that have been developed to cater for these diverse market requirements. 

You might be wondering why you need dedicated Ethernet services while there are other network services that are more online convenient such as wireless internet connections. Although, wireless connectivity offers flexibility and online convenience, there are many reasons why businesses and individuals increasingly use dedicated Ethernet services

Ethernet services solve the problem of bandwidth limitation. Businesses and individuals with higher requirements for bandwidth opt for Ethernet services as the ultimate solution. This is because with Ethernet services you can enjoy higher rates of bandwidth, which makes it easy and quick to upload or download large files and documents. 

Dedicated Ethernet services also solve the problem of symmetrical speeds for individuals and businesses. Depending on the amount of data you intend to handle, you can customize the service to enjoy similar uploads and download speeds. This option is great for businesses with different internet needs in different departments.

It is also easy and convenient to install Ethernet connections. You do not need to buy new equipment as the service can work with the already existing network. It is also easy to manage dedicated Ethernet services. The ease of management makes it possible for Ethernet providers to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime. This makes it ideal for companies that fully rely on internet connection to operate and function. 

Furthermore, with dedicated Ethernet services, you can easily offer primary and secondary DNS service. This service makes it suitable for larger businesses and organizations with different departments that require internet connection. It makes it achievable for businesses to have one primary domain name with different secondary domain names, which represent different departments.

This makes it possible to oversee and manage the content of the service. The other issue resolved by Ethernet connections is security. Ethernet systems enhance security of your business because it is harder for hackers to tap the service. This makes it suitable for businesses and organizations that handle sensitive data such as financial records among others.