Espresso and Chocolate: A Match Made in Culinary Heaven

When you think about coffee you usually see it as a morning drink that helps awake you up and kick starts your day. Now, more than ever, coffee is also a delicious chocolate drink as well, called Espresso Chocolate.

4G Telephones or Cable - Which is Faster?

As the years have progressed, so has the Internet and it is not surprising that the number of worldwide Internet users has surpassed two billion, based on Internet usage statistics from June 2012.

Just Do It - Plaques for Silly Reasons, Important Ones, Too

Receiving a plaque award, no matter the occasion, can lift your spirits and make you feel good in your accomplishments, Giving plaques to those well-deserved also shows appreciation for a job well done.

Police Armories - What Weapons Do They Need These Days?

In light of recent tragic and morbidly shocking mass shootings from Connecticut, to Washington and Colorado; one may begin to wonder and question; “for such dire situations what do modern police have access to or "carry" in thei

How Do Food Tastes Develop?

Culinary programs provide the nuts and bolts - or perhaps knives and forks - of proper food preparation and cooking techniques, kitchen safety and sanitation, and an in-depth knowledge of foods, ingredients, herbs, and spices.

Archeologists in Real time - Forensic Science's Coming of Age

Forensic science has become an increasingly vital part of solving crimes and life’s mysteries.

Put Her Sons to Shame: Gift Ideas for Your Mother-In-Law

Fellows, listen to her. The entire year through. Your mother-in-law is the one person you need to continue to try to impress during the holidays, year after year.

Do Holiday-Themed Campaigns Work?

Holiday themed campaigns can work if they are good. Capturing the attention of the consumer is difficult with all of the holiday noise going on. A good holiday campaign can really boost sales.

Home Land Lines Offer More Now Than Ever

Phone service is something we almost take for granted. If you need to get in touch with someone just pick up the phone and call. Having a home land line phone service today can give you some great benefits that a cell phone cannot.

What To Expect From a Megachurch This Sunday

So, it's Sunday morning, and you're about to load up the minivan with your family and your children's friends from next store, who spent the night last night.