Accused killer's defense team loses hope of release

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 3:02pm

BOSSIER CITY- Friday afternoon the Bossier Parish public defense team for Gerald Needham, who is the suspect in a triple homicide in Bossier City earlier this year, announced he would be released from prison on Monday.

Co-counsels for Needham, Pamela Smart and Randal Fish believe the lack of evidence linking Needham to the killings at the Norris Appliance Store had to be based on circumstance and omitted evidence. Also, the gun used in the homicides was in possession of someone else at the time of the murders.

Defense Attorney Randal Fish characterized the investigative work of Bossier City Police as “deplorable” and that Needham was their “go to convict” for major crime in the city.

Spokesperson for the Bossier City Police Mark Natale told FOX33 News, “No comment because of the on-going investigation.”

Late this afternoon a federal charge was filed against Needham for a convicted felon having ammunition in his possession.

Pamela Smarts tell FOX33 News the ammunition was discovered at the time on Needham’s arrest for the triple homicide. “It was bullets that were under a bed that were there for a long time” says Smart.
Needham will remain in prison on this new charge.



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