Area sees promising holiday job outlook

Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 9:31am

The holidays are a rough time for those who are unemployed, but this year, area job openings are more available than last year.

"We have more jobs listed, more openings and we're not having the mass layoffs we had last year," Jacques Lasseigne, with the Louisiana Workforce Commission, told us of the better job outlook.  "All that put together is a better time right now for a job seeker."

The unemployment rate in the Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto area is at nearly 8%, which is almost 2% below the national average.  More businesses are looking to fill positions and less people have been laid off compared to last year.  "We haven't had any mass layoffs lately.  Last year, we kept getting hit by mass layoffs like 50, 60, 100, so that has not happened recently," explained Lasseigne.

But those people who are looking for a job are finding the guidance they need right here in Shreveport with the Louisiana Workforce Commission.  Kerry Rainey who is currently searching for a job told us that he regularly visits the Caddo Business and Career Solutions Center to browse the Internet for work.  "It's easier to search for work on the Internet because you ain't got to run all over town."

Job seekers are welcome to visit the Caddo Business and Career Solutions Center in Shreveport where they can get a list of jobs that is updated daily, as well as search online through their directory for any jobs throughout the entire state of Louisiana.

Lasseigne urges job seekers to "try not to get discouraged because looking for work is a full-time job."  The Caddo Business and Career Solutions Center also offers workshops and counseling on how to look for work and provides job seekers with tips on appearance.

Rainey told us that "the work search is going good, but it's the come back that you're looking for."  He visits the solutions center or the library to check his email regularly for any responses from potential employers.  If he get's not contacts, "then I go and apply somewhere else."

While some people are searching for the perfect gift for the holidays, Rainey is hoping to find something a little bit more permanent.  "I'm looking for something just period.  I mean to have work during the holidays is not enough for me.  I'm looking for something that I can be stable with and just go on and stick with that one job."


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