Bossier City 5th grader honored for heroic act

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 9:30am

A Bossier City fifth-grader received the 'Citizen's Life Saving' Award from Fire Chief Sammy Halphen this afternoon after she helped save her choking classmate.  Central Park Elementary student, Shacoria Jones was presented with the award in front of the Bossier City Council on Tuesday afternoon for her quick thinking during a November lunch period.

Jones told us that "Caleb Ortega was choking on a hard taco shell at lunch," in November.  "So, I ran over and did the Heimlich Maneuver."  When she noticed that Caleb's eyes and face started turning red, she knew exactly what she needed to do to help her friend.  We asked her where she learned to do the Heimlich Maneuver, to which she responded, "from my mom."

After Caleb felt better, Jones says he had one special thing to say to her for her generous act.  "After recess he said thank you," Jones told us.  The proud fifth-grader said that she feels like a hero after saving her friend from choking on that taco shell.

Jones defined exactly what a hero is to her: "to save somebody's life and to be there for them."  Jones's actions define her exactly as a hero, and she told us that Caleb and the rest of her classmates agree.

Even though she feels like a hero, Jones told us that her act of kindness was more than just a helping hand.  It was a necessity from one friend to another.  Jones told us that she thinks "to help somebody that's choking is important."


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