Captain Shreve baseball coach suspended after incident

Friday, April 15, 2011 - 8:46am

Last Friday, calls started pouring in to Captain Shreve High School after reports of fighting between two students at the boys' baseball practice.

Reports were that one student was harassed and encouraged by staff and other students to wrestle another student against his will, said Dr. Gerald Dawkins, Superintendent of Caddo Parish Public Schools.

Dr. Dawkins also said concerns involving a faculty coach were raised, but would not elaborate on these separate incidents.  That coach is now on paid administrative leave until the school district's investigation is complete.

"We will not tolerate incidents such as this," said Dr. Dawkins at a Thursday afternoon press conference.  "We wanted to make sure that parents and students knew that we're going to address it appropriately and very aggressively."

While the school district has already started an investigation, there are still many unanswered questions as to what happened at Gator Field during practice.  School officials will focus on gathering information from everyone that was there during the incidents and discipline those as needed, said Dr. Dawkins.

Parents waiting for their sons to get out of practice Thursday afternoon told us that this was the first they had heard of the incident and were surprised that something like that happened at their sons' practice.

"Certainly, you don't want to leave anything unturned when things can approach even the term of bullying or harassment," said Dr. Dawkins.  "We want to make sure that we get on that right away."

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.


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