First alternative fuel station opens

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 8:29am

Bossier city opened the first alternative fuel station of its kind in the region Wednesday morning.

The city predicts that the new fuel station will bring a positive change environmentally and economically.

Louisiana Lt. Governor Scott Angelle noted, "It's not about natural gas versus coal.  It's not about natural gas versus wind.  It's not about natural gas versus solar.  It's about all of that above versus foreign crude oil."  Bossier City hopes to rely less on this type of oil starting with the opening of this first alternative fuel station.

Mayor Lorenz Walker described the new fuel station as "open 24 hours a day, it's self-service, no restrooms" as well as a quick and efficient way to fill up a vehicle.

Not only will the filling up be quick and efficient, but the alternative fuel will provide some economic relief for the city.  Bossier City Public Information Officer Mark Natale said that the city will see more significant fuel savings as they replace city vehicles over the next few years.

"As far as the E85 fuel, this is an ethanol-based fuel, a mixture of primarily ethanol and gasoline.  We already have about seventy-five vehicles in the city fleet that operate on flex fuel, primarily police cruisers."  Natale continued to describe that the city will start immediately seeing cost savings on fuel for those vehicles.

The price of fuel for the public is currently set at $1.99 per gallon.  The price that the city pays is slightly lower because the city can get a bulk reign and does not need to pay taxes on the fuel.

The new fuel will also provide a new solution to help keep the environment clean by lowering the amount of vehicle emissions in the area.  Natale explained, "compressed natural gas and E85 are among the most cleaning burning fuels around."

The city hopes that, by opening the alternative fuel station, individuals who are thinking about purchasing vehicles that use this type of fuel will feel more inclined to do so as they will now have a place locally where they can gas up.

This alternative fuel station on East Texas Street is the first of two stations that will open in Bossier City.


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I saw that place yesterday and I had to take a second look. the sign said $1.45 per gallon.

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