GM assembly plant opens doors to public

Friday, June 17, 2011 - 3:31pm

General Motors assembly plants across the country opened their doors to the public Thursday for a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their vehicles.  But the open house at the Shreveport plant was especially meaningful with the June 2012 closing date on the horizon.

Hundreds of visitors got a glimpse inside the Shreveport GM assembly plant, which was GM's way of thanking their supporters.  "We've been able to repay the government with interested, we're making profits again within our corporation and we're on the right track," said Michael Dulaney, the local plant manager.

Young and old toured the busy plant as workers assembled Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks.  But all that is scheduled to come to an end next year due to the lack of demand.  "Because our capacity is not in line with marketing demand, this facility is set to close no later than June of 2012," said Donna McLallen, General Motors spokesperson.

That means more than 900 employees would be out of a job.  GM would not elaborate on their plans for those workers.

Local officials remain optimistic about the plant's future though.  "Our dialogue, in terms of how this plant goes forward, is continuing," said Mayor Cedric Glover.  "We're looking forward to hopefully being able to have something that tells us that we've got another 30 years in this plant also."

Regardless of the impending closure date, Dulaney told us their employees remain dedicated to building the high-quality, low-cost trucks.

"We're continuing to do what we're tasked to do, and we will hope that maybe that decision is changed, but if it's not we're going to walk out that last day with our heads held up very high," said Dulaney.


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