Man arrested for selling illegal merchandise

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 11:59am

A local businessman was arrested Wednesday morning for selling counterfeit clothing and drug paraphernalia out of his Bossier City store.

"He's doing illegal things in his business, and we caught him," said Lt. Ed Baswell of the Bossier Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff's Department arrested Sung Kil Kwak for illegal use of a counterfeit trademark, money laundering, possession of synthetic T.H.C. and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Kwak owns Wild, a clothing store inside Pierre Bossier Mall.

The Bossier Sheriff's Department continues to keep a close eye on stores that citizens report may be selling illegal or fake-branded merchandise.

Lt. Baswell explained that the Sheriff's Department consults with experts who go into the stores and investigate whether or not specific-branded clothing is legitimate or fake.

According to authorities, these types of situations could happen at any mall or shopping center, therefore the Sheriff's Department is not surprised that Pierre Bossier Mall management was unaware of the illegal distribution.

Lt. Baswell warns customers to be careful which items they purchase because some clothing are "really good counterfeits of the real thing."  Businesses will try to charge customers "top dollar for things that are counterfeit."

Wild does remain open in Pierre Bossier Mall since the counterfeit clothing and illegal paraphernalia and narcotics were removed from the store.


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