Shreveport police stepping up patrols to keep roads safe during New Years

Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 11:04am

The Shreveport Police Department will be out patrolling the city on New Year's Eve making sure that you are celebrating the New Year safely. They will be watching closely for more than just drunk drivers this holiday weekend. The police department will have their Community Response Unit targeting those individuals who choose to use firearms to celebrate.

Shreveport police spokesman Sgt. Bill Goodin told us that they respond to between 20 to 50 shots fired calls each year on New Year's Eve. He said that they have come across people who thought it was legal to fire a handgun on New Year's Eve. "It is illegal at any time to discharge a firearm inside the city limits of Shreveport," Sgt. Goodin explained.

While the Shreveport police do hope you bring in the New Year with a bang, they just suggest you celebrate with fireworks not firearms. Tamra Phelps, the tent manager for the fireworks tent on Jewella Avenue, told us that fireworks would be the safer choice since "you have a slightly more controlled explosion."

Fireworks tents around town are hoping to provide people with a safer way to ring in the New Year. Phelps told us that people in the neighborhood where here tent is located tend to buy more firecrackers and fewer fireworks. "This neighborhood is primarily about the noise. The bigger bang that they can get, the better," Phelps said. A firecracker produces a louder sound and fireworks produce an aerial display with less noise.

With all the loud noises that are heard onNew Year's Eve, police urge you to call 911 if you see or hear something that you do not think is right. "Go ahead and give us a call, and let us come out and investigate it," Sgt. Goodin said. "If it's legitimate fireworks, then we'll be on our way. No harm, no foul." So, whether you are looking for the loud ban of a firecracker or the aerial display offireworks, police suggest you celebrate this New Year without the use of firearms.


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