Class of 2012 looks to uncertain job market

Friday, April 27, 2012 - 9:03am

As the class of 2012 prepares to graduate, it's facing some pretty bleak statistics. New numbers show that half of young college graduates don't have jobs or are underemployed as waiters, baristas, cashiers, or other low-paying work.

For Alan McGowan, who's graduating from LSU-Shreveport next month, the numbers are troubling, especially as he's beginning to send out resumes. "Now I'm going to have to find a job, like, in between when I find an actual job, like an hourly job, or just pound the pavement and find a real job."

Jose Li is a sophomore, but says he's already planning for a tough job market when he graudates. "Making better grades, you know...I might have to spend less time, you know, free time andmore devoted to my homework," he said.

The highest demand fields are in health in education, with liberal arts fields continuing to suffer from high unemployment rates.

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