Drought causing cracks in home foundations

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 8:28am

When it gets this dry, most people turn on their hoses and water the plants a little longer. But some Ark-La-Tex homeowners are having different problems. The dry soil is contracting, causing cracks in the walls.

Michael McTiernan says he had this problem before, six years ago. He called a foundation repair company, but the problem persisted. Now he's called Marty Hendrix of PowerLift Foundation Repair. He says he wants to be sure the problem is fixed for good. "I plan on a living here a long time and I don't want to this again," he says.

Marty Hendrix says there are a lot of people who've had problems like this. The daily call volume for his company used to be about 3. Now it's up to 18...and growing. And, he says, if we have another drought year next year, that will only exacerbate the problem.

Tips for making sure this doesn't happen to your home? Keep an eye on hardwood trees growing near the property. They tend to soak up valuable moisture. And if you're noticing cracks, call a foundation repair company. Because if the problem ins't taken care of, "it gets progressively worse, you may see some temporary rebound to these problems if we have enough rain, but after that they typically progress."

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