Pumpkins from other regions looking bigger than TX pumpkins

Monday, October 10, 2011 - 10:13am

As Heather Mosky stands in the pumpkin patch at Saint Luke's Church, she says these pumpkins look just as big as previous years. The church, which holds the event every year as part of a fundraiser for local mission work, receives its pumpkins from a supplier in New Mexico. This year, pumpkins from out-of-state are much bigger than those grown in Texas.

John LaVasseur of LUS Agrilife says that's thanks to the extended drought. "The water restricts all the uptake of all the nutrients that they have, that they need to grow and develop. If you didn't have them irrigated, they're just not gonna develop." Pumpkin production in Texas is down by half this year. Pumpkin farmers, along with many others, stopped growing the crop once the lack of rain proved to be a huge problem. Those that could grow look a lot smaller.

And for a pumpkin buyers? That adds up to one thing. A spooky spike in Texas prices...just in time for Halloween.

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