Timpson considering emergency plan after second earthquake

Friday, May 18, 2012 - 8:43am

People in Timpson, Texas are surveying the damage after a second earthquake hit the region early Thursday morning. The 4.3 magnitude quake follows a smaller 3.9 earthquake that struck outside of Garrison on May 10.

Residents tell Fox 33 they felt a back-and-forth shaking motion that jolted them from bed. Brian Smith, a California native, said the movement jolted him awake just before 3:15. He says he knew it was no ordinary Texas storm. "Thunder, nuh-uh. There's no clouds in the sky. I said, that's an earthquake," he said.

Damage within Timpson city limits is minor, with a few buildings reporting cracks along their foundations. Timpson's floral shop will spend about $150 making repairs, according to its owners. The most severe damage was near the outskirts of downtown, where several brick chimneys collapsed. A roof from a local church's fellowship hall also reported damage.

Larry Burns, Timpson's Emergency Services Director, said the second earthquake is making the city reconsider whether it needs a plan specifically tailored to quakes. "Right now we don't have one and we didn't have one as of last time, but you know, we're not prone to earthquakes or haven't been in the past," he said.

There doesn't appear to be any lasting damage to the city's water pipes or infrastructure, according to Burns. He told Fox 33 the city will contine to access possible damage in the weeks to come.

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