2 Texarkana gun related domestic violence incidents this week

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 7:28pm

On average, there are about a thousand domestic violence incidents in the Texarkana metro area annually, and those are just the cases that are reported. The Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc. estimates that only about 50% of all domestic violence cases are reported to authorities.

This week, in Texarkana, TX, there have been two major incidents, both involving guns.

In the first, police believe Daniel Bourg shot his partner of 9 years, Lela Cason, before turning the gun on himself Sunday evening.

The second occurred Wednesday night at the Pecan Ridge at Rosehill Apartments.Officers received a call of a disturbance and upon arrival made contact with the suspect via a cell phone that had been brought out of the suspect’s apartment by two children. The suspect was identified as Michael Benton, 22, of Texarkana, Texas. Benton was holding his girlfriend against her will in the apartment. Benton was armed with a handgun and threatened to shoot all parties involved, if anyone attempted to enter the apartment. Officers secured the area and a SWAT negotiator began talking with him. The incident lasted for approximately three hours, before Benton advised that he was exiting the apartment. Benton was taken into custody by SWAT members as he exited the apartment. The victim, Kiara Kirkendall, 20, of Texarkana, Texas, received non-life threatening injuries during the incident and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Benton was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and booked into jail at the Bi-State Justice Center.

Sloan hopes these incidents will help convince others in violent relationships to come forward before it is too late, if not for themselves, then for their children. Little boys that grow up in violent houses are 100 times more likely to continue that behavior in their adult relationships, and girls that see it, often grow up thinking it is acceptable.

The Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc. serves Bowie, Cass, Miller, Little River, Hempstead and Lafayette counties. The number for their 24 hour crisis line is 903-793-HELP (4357)

In the Northwest Louisiana, people can contact Providence House. Their 24 hour crisis number is 318.226.5015


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How can you portray my little brother as the aggressor without knowing the facts? Do you know who 'all parties involved' were? More importantly do you even know WHY there were 'all parties involved'? Twisted media feeding the sheeple once again. Smh...

I'm Mikey's sister. You're so right with your statement about little boys growing up in violent homes. If the Bowie & Miller Counties authorities had done something about his dad in all those years I begged for help, then maybe none of this would have ever happened. I'm glad my nephews weren't hurt permanently. I hope my brother can finally get the professional support he desperately needs and stays away from Kiera. Thankfully, neither of them was physically hurt and both have a second chance at

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