3 years later, family still searching for missing woman

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 8:28pm

January 23, 2011, Tracy Winslow went missing. She had been living at the Oil City Housing Authority when her ex-boyfriend Eddie Jackson kidnapped her. Winslow was never located, but her car was found abandoned and burned.

Jackson was convicted of kidnapping along with other charges, but even then he wouldn’t say where he had taken Winslow. His silence frustrates Winslow’s family. Her cousin, Felicia Holden-Starkes said "even though he was convicted of this crime, we still don't have the answers, we still don't have Tracy."

While Winslow’s family is still hopeful she’s alive, they’re also realistic. Holden-Starkes explained, "I would say that it would be an act from God if she's alive, after 3 years, but we're just praying that she's just brought before us either way, because there's no way we can go on, move on with our lives because Tracy's not here."

While the family has pretty much given up hope that Jackson will say where he put Winslow, they aren’t giving up hope of locating her. The hope that enough time has passed so possible witnesses and accomplices feel comfortable coming forward with information. However, they aren’t relying solely on others.

This Saturday, the 25th, just 2 days after the 3 year anniversary of her disappearance, Winslow’s family is holding a search. They are inviting everybody to join them. They’ll meet at the Oil City gazebo at 9am before going out to search the area. At noon, they plan to release balloons to remember Winslow.

The family knows that they may not find her, but they also know that they have to try. "We can't change what took place, but we want to be able to move on, but unfortunately, before Tracy is put before us, we'll never be able to do that”, said Holden-Starkes.


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