Abounding Faith Temple to Serve Meals to Allendale Community

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 12:38pm

Happy Holidays is often heard around this time of the year. But for many, the holidays are far from joyous occasions due to poverty and homelessness. Overseer Andrew Randall, Jr. and the Abounding Faith Temple (AFT) church family, has committed to helping restore not just happiness, but joy into the lives of individuals this year.

Located in the heart of the Allendale community, the AFT outreach ministry, along with HUB Urban Ministries, will be fulfilling its mission, Saturday, November 23, through “Feed Allendale,” a mission event to provide meals to Allendale community members.

“A core part of our earthly mission as Christians is to be like Christ,” Overseer Randall said. “We are to cloth the naked and feed the hungry, as Christ would. We are to spread the message of redemption and salvation and in doing so, allow others to see Christ in us. This is the purpose of this event…to show Christ to others. ”

The vision of Overseer Randall is to evangelize to the lost at any cost, equip and empower people, and provide ministry as an expression of love to the community as well as the world. This nondenominational, faith-based effort brings awareness of the homeless and poverty problems in the city and provides volunteers with the opportunity to become directly involved in the cause.

“As a native of Shreveport, it is important that this ministry reaches impoverish families to offer them opportunities they perhaps would not normally have,” Overseer Randal said.

“This is more than an chance to feed the hungry, but rather an opportunity to change a life.”

For more information, please visit aftchurch.org.

Abounding Faith Temple is located at 1600 Peabody Street, Shreveport, LA 71103.


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