Abused dog's story goes viral, saving her life

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 8:39pm

For many people, church is where they are saved. For Diva, an abused and injured dog, salvation came across the street from a church instead.

With a shattered leg, she crossed a busy street on Sunday, ending up on the porch of her new home. When Diva's new family came home, they immediately saw that she was in need of veterinary care.

Sadly, the family is on a fixed income and had no idea how they would be able to afford Diva's veterinary care.

Not knowing what else to do, Diva's new grandmother Wendi Morton took to a special needs animal care's Facebook page.  She posted Diva's story on how she found the family and also a video of Diva and her injuries. Within an hour, the post have over 200 comments.

A veterinarian in Maryland was touched by Diva's story and contacted Morton to help. She offered medical advice to get Diva through the night. She also set up a Go Fund Me account for Diva to receive donations for her surgery fund. Diva's vet in Carthage wouldn't perform the surgery until payment was in place, and the family knew time was of the essence.

They quickly received $1,200 in donations, from places as far away as Ireland and Canada and all over the country. Diva was able to get her surgery Monday, and Thursday afternoon came back home to rest and recuperate with her new family.

Diva is adjusting well to her amputation, following her new family all over the house. She already has 80 likes on her own Facebook page, and is very active with her posts.

The family is now looking for donations to pay for Diva's spaying. While they love Diva, they don't want a thousand little "Divas" running around the house. To donate to her surgery and care, visit their Go Fund Me account. The family wants people to know that they don't have access to this money, instead it goes directly to their vet.


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