Accused animal abuser has court date, pushes reporter

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 6:35pm

5 months and 2 days ago, Braveheart took the Ark-La-Tex by storm. The puppy had been locked in a storage unit and abandoned until the storage unit owner found him in chained inside. Since then, Braveheart's new family has been working with him on his recovery, both physically and emotionally. Braveheart's dad, Bo Spatero, says the pup is doing awesome. "He has gained almost 40 pounds, well 35 pounds or so he is doing great. Full recovery. We have him in obedience training and he's enjoying life." While that has been happening, The Caddo District Attorney's office has been preparing a felony case against 31 year old Gabriel Lee. He is the man accused of abandoning Braveheart in the storage unit. Lee was in court Thursday morning for a pretrial hearing. Braveheart's family and many friends were there as well, anxious to hear about the court proceedings. Spatero explained, "it's been building up for a while, so I'm nervous, sad, mad, I don't know just ready to really hear if he has an excuse for what he did." Lee wasn't offering up any explanations today. In fact, Lee pushed a camera out when KMSS asked if he had a statement. Lee's silence didn't surprise the Spatero family, who are confident that justice will be served. Bo Spatero showed his appreciation to the assistant district attorney trying the case, "I don't think the ADA is going to let him plead out so it's either plead guilty as charged or fight it, and if he wants to fight it, we'll stand by the ADA and we'll be at every court date." Lee will be back in court April 8 for arguments.


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There is NO excuse for animal abuse !!!

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