Are value menus really a value?

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 8:41pm

In celebration of Nutrition Month, doctors all around, including LSU Health Sciences Center, are reminding people to eat nutritiously.

In the fast paced, budget minded culture of today, choosing fast food is an easy option. Even more so, because according the LSUHSC's Dr. Dennis Wissing, humans are wired to crave salt, fat and sugar- all things readily available from fast food.

But while at the window, that dollar menu item might seem like a steal, the Center for Disease Control reports that the cost of obesity comes to about $147 billion annually.

Some of those costs are small, from an increase in gas to move an obese person, to the increase in insurance premiums all people pay because of heavy and obese people; However, the majority of the cost stems from additional medical treatments and care obese people receive.

From high blood pressure to diabetes to kidney failure to heart disease, all can often be blamed on obesity

All is not over if a person finds himself losing the battle of the bulge, diet and exercise has long been a way to take off extra weight. But for people who don't want to put in the work of exercising, Dr. Wissing has news that could make them happy. He argues that weight can easily be lost by behavior modification and simply cutting 200-400 calories from a person's daily caloric intake.


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