Biomedical Research Foundation talks to concerned Louisianans

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 8:36pm

Biomedical Research Foundation is scheduled to take over management of LSU Health Sciences Center starting October 1, and many Louisianans are apprehensive about what that will mean for patients.

Shelly Blum from Ida was just at LSU Medical Center seeing her doctor, and she was told that in preparation of Biomedical taking over, there is already a year wait for a procedure she needs to get.

Robert People is also worried about the private LSU Medical Center being accessible to the public, saying he has heard all sorts of different things, and doesn't know what to expect.

With those fears in mind, Senator Greg Tarver scheduled a public forum Thursday evening, where people could ask representatives from Biomedical Research Foundation questions they have about patient care.

Many had questions, especially when it came to the care of the poor and the elderly. Biomedical Research Foundation said that care will not change at all, and the hospital will still treat both the poor and the elderly.

Biomedical also made a point to say that they are a non-profit organization, and so they aren't looking to make money like a for-profit hospital might.

However, even with those reassurances, some are still apprehensive about the upcoming transition.


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