BPCC to break enrollment records

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:48pm

Bossier Parish Community College once again reports the highest spring enrollment in its 45-year history. With 7,710 students, BPCC enrollment increased 10.25% over spring 2012.


Chancellor Jim Henderson attributes the enrollment increase to a number of factors. “BPCC has purposefully invested in programs aligned with opportunities in this regional economy: nursing and allied health, engineering technologies, oil & gas, cyber,” says Henderson. “In addition, we have strengthened the whole of our academic offerings to ensure BPCC is the college of choice for those beginning their higher education journey.”


Based on 14th class day credit enrollment figures, BPCC’s enrollment increased 717 students from 6,993 students in spring 2012.


Henderson adds, “The faculty and staff at BPCC are dedicated to the prospects of access and success, finding innovative ways to serve more students with higher quality. As a result, BPCC continues to be one of the most efficient colleges in the state in terms of tax dollars appropriated per student, and one of the highest performing according to GRAD Act performance metrics.”


What’s next in BPCC’s future? Henderson looks to new and innovative programs and services to meet the local workforce needs. “We have yet to realize our full potential or satisfy the needs of this regional economy,” says Henderson. “We will continue to develop high demand programs delivered through innovative means providing students with unparalleled paths to opportunity and giving our employers a talent-based competitive advantage.”



BPCC Enrollment Growth (last 5 spring semesters)

2009 4759

2010 5647

2011 6619

2012 6993

2013 7710


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