Braveheart's accused abuser back in court, loses his temper with media

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 6:01pm

Looking at Braveheart now, it’s hard to tell that he is the same dog that was pulled out of a storage unit 9 months ago, barely alive.

Braveheart’s parents, Bo and Ronda Spatero remember all too well. It’s also something they are reminded of every time Braveheart’s accused abuser, Gabriel Lee, is in court. Bo Spatero continues to think of Braveheart during all of the proceedings, “"hopefully we're going to get some justice for this. What he did to that dog was completely unexplainable, and I mean, he's made no attempt to try to make any apologies or any explanations. I guess him coming out of courtroom today shows what kind of character he has."

That’s because just before Lee walked out of Caddo District court he pushed a KMSS reporter as she was asking for a comment. This isn’t the first time that’s happened. During his last court appearance, Lee pushed that same reporter.

According to Bo Spatero, that’s not the only trend Lee is setting during these court appearances. "Each time he's showed up late. I don't think he's taking any of it seriously. And I guess he don't think he's done too much wrong."

Tuesday’s court appearance was fairly short. The Assistant District Attorney is still waiting on some of Braveheart’s veterinary records to use as evidence during the trial.
Lee will be back in court June 18 for an additional hearing.


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I hope they hang his butt,,,,They need to do the same thing to him..

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