Caddo Sheriff's Office holds concealed carry class

Monday, November 12, 2012 - 10:31pm

Louisiana is a state of guns. After all, it was in the south that the phrase "riding shotgun" was coined. So it isn't a surprise that 73% of voters voted on favor of Amendment 2, which pretty much guarantees gun rights forever in the state.

About a dozen people chose to take advantage of that by participating in the Caddo Sheriff's Office Concealed Weapon class.

Firearms instructor thinks courses like this one are a great way for people to stay current on gun safety, and while many people took the course for safety, they had a different type in mind. They took the class to be able to protect themselves and loved ones if the need strike.

Even though safety is a main reason for the course, it isn't the only reason for it. Law enforcement also likes this class because it lets them know that anybody with this permit has passed a background check.


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I would like to register for this class.

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