Councilman introduces ordinance to appeal equality ordinance

Friday, December 20, 2013 - 8:57pm

People Acting for Change and Equality's (PACE) president David Hylan put words to what many in his group have been saying since Thursday afternoon; "Mr. Mayor and members of the city council, I come to you today in really a state of disbelief honestly, and a little bit shocked."

Shocked because just 10 days after Shreveport became the 2nd city in Louisiana to pass a fairness ordinance,council man Ron Webb was trying to get rid of it, proposing an ordinance that would appeal the fairness ordinance.

With the 6 to 1 passage of the fairness ordinance, people in Shreveport can't be fired or denied housing simply because of their sexual status or identity.

Hylan waned the city council of the consequences of repealing that; "to do so would be letting the world and the rest of the country know or to think that we've made a mistake. It's ok to discriminate here.What a horrible corrosive message."

That's a message Webb was willing to send, the rest of the council didn't follow in his lead. However, they did allow Webb to introduce his ordinance. Councilman Oliver Jenkins said it had to do with standing. "We have, over the course of this council always, always offered people that, and so I would hate to treat this any different than anything else." He followed with a warning for Webb; "I have to say, I am not in favor of tabling it, because I don't want this to be, I don't want to use the Mayor's example, the dog park of 2014.I am not interested in rehashing issues where we have 6 to one votes."

While it isn't likely that Webb's appeal will pass, with the introduction of the ordinance, the council will be forced to rehash it at least once more.


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