Doyline residents angry about explosive material

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 9:59pm

Now that the shock of having more than a million pounds of illegally stored explosives as a next door neighbor has worn off, the residents of Doyline are angry that the situation was even allowed to happen.

After the October 15 explosion at Camp Minden, Louisiana State Police promised Explo, the company responsible for the explosion, follow up visits as the investigation progressed.

Tuesday, LSP announced that they had check a new area, also leased by Explo, and had found the dangerous explosives stored improperly.

And the fact that these explosives weren't found earlier isn't sitting well with Doyline residents.

But LSP contends that there was no reason to check the area, as no ammunition or explosives of any type are allowed to be stored in that area.

During the criminal investigation, they plan to ask Explo many questions, including why product was stored in an illegal area.

But right now, the only question that LSP wants to work on answering is how they will safely remove all of the explosives.


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