Empowering women with self-defense skills

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 8:05am

For the 40 women who signed up for a self-defense course put on by the Bossier Sheriff's office, the weekend was all about empowerment.

Instructor Sgt. Sarah Rhodes admits that women are often thought of as more vulnerable and weaker than men, and she wants to make sure that women don't feel that way. By teaching the skills and techniques to ward off attackers, she hopes to give them confidence to fight back if something does ever happen.

Women of all ages signed up for the class, the youngest was 22 and the oldest 73. Each signed up for different reasons. Gale Buner of Elm Grove is disabled and she knows that makes her more of a target than other women. She has been attacked before, and wants to make sure that she is prepared if it should ever happen again.

22 year old Lauren Lee just started attending graduate school in Dallas. While she has a concealed carry permit, she knows that if an attacker comes, she may not have a chance to grab her gun out of her purse. She felt she needed the hands on training offered by the class, so she and her grandmother signed up.

At the end of the day, the women were all confident they would know what to do it somebody attacked, although they are hoping the deterrence skills they also learned will keep them from being targets in the first place.


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