Family desperate to have stolen chair back for special needs child

Monday, October 7, 2013 - 7:09pm

Anytime 3 year old Tiser Lusk goes out with his family, chances are his special feeder chair comes with him, at least until it was stolen. Tiser has kernicterus, a condition that left him with very little muscle control. He has trouble holding his head up, not to mention his upper body. That's where his special chair comes in. Tiser started using a feeder chair a his school, and had such success with it, his parents had one custom made for him. It is maroon leather with his name and his parents college embroidered on it. The chair holds Tiser upright, so he can sit on his own. The Lusks were having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings on Youree Drive, when they accidentally left the special chair behind. When they called back to check on the chair, it was nowhere to be found. Management at Buffalo Wild Wings checked all over the restaurant, even calling the cleaning staff to see if they would see it, but they weren't able to find it. The knowledge that somebody would take something that doesn't belong to them upsets restaurant management. Add in the fact that the chair helps a child with special needs, and they're even more frustrated. The Lusks were upset with themselves that they allowed Tiser's chair to be taken, but when they heard where the chair popped up, they became outraged. Several people saw Tiser's chair at the Reruns are Fun consignment sale. By the time Mary Margaret Lusk found out the chair was at the sale, it had already been sold. There is no way to track who bought the chair, so Mary Margaret went to Facebook asking the community for help. At this point the family doesn't care who took the care and sold it at the consignment sale, they just want it back. Mary Margaret knows that the buyer of the chair had no idea of the history of the chair, or how it arrived at the sale, but she is hopeful the buyer will be willing to help out her family. They are hoping they will be able to find the person who bought the custom made chair and buy it back from that person. They are even offering a reward to that person as well. Tiser has a Facebook page where the Lusk family can be contacted. It is


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When we bought our stuff from reruns, they wrote down everything, description n stuff, so maybe check with reruns admins n see if they find out who sold it because there is a number that goes with each item.

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