Family dog injured by black bear in Patterson neighborhood

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 11:01am

A dog was recently injured in St. Mary Parish after it attempted to chase away a black bear. Officials warn residents that this is a peak time of the year to see an increase of bear activity.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries explains that the bears are actively seeking food sources in and around neighborhoods throughout the parish. They note that pets are particularly vulnerable to bear attacks.

Recently a family dog chased a bear that made its way into a Patterson neighborhood. The dog was injured, but survived the attack.

Although the black bears are typically non-confrontational, experts say they will protect themselves and their cubs if chased by a dog. They ask homeowners to secure all pets.

Along with protecting your pets, they ask homeowners to secure all possible food sources outside the home. This includes anything from acorns in your yard to unsecured garbage cans.

To protect your home from a possible bear sighting, they ask that you use a bear-proof garbage container. You should also avoid overfilling your containers. It’s also advised that you avoid leaving pet food outdoors.

If your garbage can ends up broken, they ask you to report it to St. Mary bear conflict officers at (337) 828-4100.

To report problems with bears in any parish, call (800) 442-2511.


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