Fireworks rules and safety tips for Bossier City

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 3:28pm

Bossier City Fire Chief, Brad Zagone, is reminding the public to play it safe as they choose to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day holiday with fireworks.

Under Section 38-294 of Bossier City's Code of Ordinances, fireworks may be sold and discharged within the city limits of Bossier City from June 28 to July 5 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

People who choose to discharge fireworks outside the legal time period could face fines up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail

Rules offered for safety when discharging fireworks:

• Young children should never be given fireworks to handle alone. Responsible adult supervision is a must.
• Always purchase fireworks from a reputable retail outlet.
• Never shoot off fireworks indoors.
• Read and follow all warnings and instructions.
• Use a “punk” to ignite fireworks. Never use an open flame such as a cigarette lighter or match.
• Never shoot, aim or throw fireworks at people or animals.
• Keep a garden hose or bucket of water handy for emergencies. Never try to re-ignite fireworks that have malfunctioned. Douse with water and wait 15 minutes before properly disposing.
• Be aware of dry conditions. Never ignite fireworks on or near dry vegetation. Doing so could spark fires.
• Only light fireworks on a smooth, flat surface away from buildings and flammable materials.


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