Governor Jindal signs bills into law

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 5:03pm

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2012 Regular Legislative Session to 817 bills.

Governor Jindal signed the following bills into law:


HB 754 by Rep. Robideaux relates to state sales and use tax rebate contracts for certain businesses.

HB 756 by Rep. Abramson relates to the Higher Education Board.

HB 766 by Rep. Ligi relates to the Patient's Compensation Fund.

HB 768 by Rep. T. Burns relates to membership on various boards, commissions, and entities.

HB 805 by Rep. Ponti relates to the regulation of motor carriers.

HB 838 by Rep. Champagne relates to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund.

HB 839 by Rep. Henry relates to the towing of motor vehicles.

HB 857 by Rep. Johnson relates to passenger vans used to transport railroad workers.

HB 907 by Rep. K. Jackson relates to forests and forestry.

HB 918 by Rep. Guinn relates to tampering with water control structures.

HB 936 by Rep. Danahay creates the Louisiana Military Advisory Council.

HB 954 by Rep. Danahay provides technical clarification of various provisions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

HB 957 by Rep. Edwards relates to hydraulic fracturing fluids.

HB 960 by Rep. Johnson relates to the 12th Judicial District Court and the 22nd Judicial District Court.

HB 982 by Rep. Barrow relates to the standards, licensing, and disclosure requirements of juvenile detention facilities.

HB 1010 by Rep. Arnold relates to furniture and equipment purchased or owned by courts of appeal and district courts.

HB 1036 by Rep. Brossett relates to mail and early voting commissioners.

HB 1067 by Rep. St. Germain relates to processing waste tires.

HB 1092 by Rep. Fannin relates to tax refunds.

HB 1103 by Rep. Leger relates to the Louisiana Sports and Entertainment District.


SB 420 by Sen. Martiny relates to certain motor carrier transportation contracts and certain construction contracts.

SB 422 by Sen. Claitor relates to the legislative review of emergency rules or fees.

SB 423 by Sen. Claitor relates to trade and commerce.

SB 430 by Sen. Murray relates to the developmental injury prescription exception.

SB 436 by Sen. Long relates to the Sabine River Authority.

SB 454 by Sen. LaFleur relates to the leasing of certain school lands.

SB 472 by Sen. Murray relates to employees of staffing services.

SB 475 by Sen. Dorsey-Colomb relates to musical or other entertainment events held in public facilities.

SB 494 by Sen. Appel relates to extended sick leave and sabbatical leave for teachers and other school employees.

SB 500 by Sen. Buffington relates to the emergency medical services provisions.

SB 502 by Sen. Claitor relates to certain groundwater resource districts.

SB 516 by Sen. Crowe relates to persons with ownership interest in certain business entities.

SB 519 by Sen. Martiny relates to juvenile delinquency proceedings.

SB 520 by Sen. Broome relates to death benefit awards.

SB 524 by Sen. Heitmeier relates to the annexation of public roads.

SB 525 by Sen. Allain relates to certain drilling operations.

SB 562 by Sen. Perry relates to the the Abbeville Film and Visitors Commission District.

SB 563 by Sen. White relates to the school system in East Baton Rouge Parish.

SB 564 by Sen. Gallot creates the Grambling Legends Square Taxing District in Lincoln Parish.

SB 565 by Sen. Dorsey-Colomb relates to items produced by inmates.


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