Gun Talk host has an issue with some of Obama's gun law proposals

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 8:10pm

According to "Gun Talk" radio host Tom Gresham, owning a gun is a right that Americans should be able to have.

But President Obama isn't trying to take away that right. His proposal includes universal background checks, punishing people who sell guns to criminals, and only banning assault rifles and magazines that hold more that 10 bullets. 

The threat of these possible laws have sent people nationwide running to gun stores and buying out the shop. Since the Sandy Hook shootings, sales have more that tripled at Ron's Guns in Bossier City.

He sells out of AR assault rifles the same day that he gets them in. 

Gun opponents ask why people need assault rifles of magazines that hold lots of bullets, but according to Ron Mock at Ron's Guns, it's not about need, but instead about a right to have them.

He argues that even without assault rifles and big magazines, the problem won't be solved.

But for President Obama, his proposals are a step toward saving innocent lives.


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