Highland residents speak out against proposed zoning change

Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 7:05pm

Kings Highway is one of the busiest streets in Shreveport. It could soon get even busier if an empty building at the corner of Kings Hwy and Highland Avenue is granted a zoning change.

The building used to house Don’s Seafood, but has been closed for years. Now, GEP Property Management and Development LLC wants to open a funeral parlor in the building. That’s something many Highland residents aren’t happy about.

Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn, along with several others, voiced his opposition to the proposed change at a meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, saying traffic would come to a standstill if a funeral parlor takes over the location. He also voiced concerns about a procession holding up EMS traffic heading to University Health (formerly LSU Medical Center).

MPC member, Winzer Andrews also had concerns about a funeral parlor in the heavily trafficked area saying, “I said to myself, it just doesn't fit here, and the reason why I'm saying that, I went in the back areas, and I looked at the homes, some of them 3 stories, beautiful homes, and the traffic I observed."

GEP property has asked for a 30 day extension to meet with potential neighbors, but Linn doesn’t expect any of his neighbors to budge on the issue, saying, "this is not the right fit. This is a size 16 shoe in a size, excuse me, a size 16 foot in a size 6 shoe. It's just not right.”


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