Home fire season: safety tips

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 6:50am

Winter brings the busiest time of the year for fire people; in part because of heating devices and also because more people are cooking in the kitchen.

Before throwing in the town, there are 3 main tips that the Shreveport Fire Department has for residents.

First, have an escape plan. Prepare it and even practice it, so if the time comes you are ready.

Second, get smoke detectors. They can be purchased at places like Swan Lake Hardware in Bossier City for as little as about $5. And many fire departments, including Shreveport, will install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in homes free of charge.

And their third tip might be the most important of all, use common sense. If you turn something on, turn it off before you go. And never leave heat or fire unattended.

And just in case, they advise buying stove top fire suppressors. These little cannisters go under a microwave or stove hood, and should fire hit them, they release chemicals to put out the fire.

But if a fire does manage to start, even with all the preventative measure, be aware of the size of the fire and don't try to use a fire extinguisher when you should be running outside and calling 9-1-1.


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