I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Generationless at Art Space

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 4:37pm

Shreveport’s Art Space has never had an exhibit that has disappointed me, but their latest one might be the best yet.

It's called Generationless, but it might as well be called "Simply Amazing" because that's what it is.

However, Casey Jones of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council explained the history behind the name Generationless. It all started with artist Steve Olsen who had a residency at Art Space for 6 weeks. "While he was here we had him do a show with 8 other skateboarders here at artspace. And what you see here around us is the product of those 9 skateboarders." All of the skateboarders are from different generations, but each made artwork that is timeless, and therefore generationless.

Like all Art Space shows, this one is hands on. Or maybe I should say bottoms on, since I got to use a skateboard ramp as a slide. Jones broke my heart when he told me I wasn't the first person to try to make a skateboard ramp a slide. "While we had people in here, we had some kids running up and sliding down. We had some adults decide to do it too. And it was, you know, anybody can come here and skate." Skate, slide... I love it all.

Even a lot of the artwork is hands on. Well, not now, but when it was made. Jones explained how Olsen did his magic, "he would put paint on canvases and then the kids would run and slide through it. And based on what color he put down and how the kid slid they would make these huge canvases which they would later wrap and become a large piece of art."

I wanted to give it a go, but paint didn’t really go with my outfit. I might just have to buy one of the paintings instead.

And that's just another reason I love the Ark-La-Tex.



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