I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Scarlett O'Hardy museum

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - 9:13pm

Just a few miles outside of Atlanta stands Tara, a place loved by many Gone with the Wind fans.
Oh wait, did you think I meant Atlanta, Georgia?
No, Atlanta, Texas, and the Tara I'm talking about is made of fondant.
It's at the Scarlett O'Hardy Museum in Jefferson, Texas.
Owner and director Bobbie Hardy has been a Gone With the Wind fan her whole life, collecting memorabilia throughout the years. It's only natural, that she needed a place to store her keepsakes, saying "it just evolved you know through the years, my collection did. And never in my wildest imagination did I think I would have a Gone With the Wind museum."
She does though, and what a museum it is.
Walking in I was greeted by Melly the dog, although her costume would make people think her name is Mammy. Then, looking up, I saw a Christmas tree with every imaginable Gone With the Wind ornament. It's up all year long, so everybody can see it.
The museum isn't the only breathtaking part of the museum. There is a dollhouse that incorporates parts of Twelve Oaks, Tara, and the butler's Atlanta mansion.
I say fiddle dee dee to anybody who says doll houses are just for little kids; this one is absolutely amazing.
What else is amazing is that the museum has editions of the book in almost every language imaginable. That's not the only foreign part of the museum according to Hardy; "I always greet people and ask where they're from, and they said slovakia. And I mean, I have cold chills now just thinking about that."

I still have chills when I wonder if there is any way that any other museum could ever live up to the awesomeness of this one.

I'll tell you the truth though, in the words of Rhett Butler, frankly my dear, I don't give a- well, you know how the rest goes.

And that's just another reason I Love the Ark-La-Tex.


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