If disaster hit the Ark-La-Tex

Monday, April 22, 2013 - 7:18am

In the wake of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, it is easy to wonder what would happen in the Ark-La-Tex if something similar happened here.

According to the director of the Caddo Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Sandy Davis, it isn't likely that anhydrous ammonia would be the cause of the large explosion here, instead it would more likely be one of the manufacturing or refinery operations in the area, which are plentiful.

Knowing the danger of those plants, Davis says local first responders often come together to practice and drill, so that if something did happen, they would have all of their kinks worked out.

Some of the local plants, including Shreveport's Calumet refinery, work with first responders to stay as safe as possible. Shreveport Fire Department's Assistant to the Chief Fred Sanders, says that Calumet and SWEPCO go so far as to invite first responders to drill and train on their sites, so they are as prepared as possible.

While there is no way to completely ensure that disaster won't happen locally, Sanders says there is something people can do to stay safer; keep an eye out for things that seem out of the ordinary. If something doesn't seem quite right, he asks that people call them or Shreveport Police so that one of their departments can check out any possible danger.


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