Lawsuit regarding GM plant purchase will go on

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 7:49pm

Caddo Commissioner Stephanie Lynch wants the GM plant to open next summer with Elio Motors calling it home. However, she wants some guarantees before agreeing to purchase the plant with $7.5 million of tax payers money, and so she filed a lawsuit hoping to get that guarantee.

With her lawsuit, Lynch wants a guarantee that Elio Motors will take up shop in the former GM plant as scheduled in summer of 2014.

Lynch spent part of the afternoon in Judge Leon Emmanuel's courtroom going over changes she made to her lawsuit.

Originally, the Caddo Commission's attorney had found fault with the filing because Lynch had filed against the commissioners, which he said was not legally allowed.

Seeing her error, Lynch changed the filing, now suing Caddo Parish rather than the commission. Lynch also changed the plaintiff, she had originally filed as a commissioner, but now she had switched that to being a Caddo Parish resident.

With those changes, Lynch found Judge Emmanuel granting her another hearing on the matter, September 11.


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