Local News

Fireworks season kicks off in Shreveport

Monday marked the first day you can legally buy fireworks in Shreveport. That's good news for local vendors, who weren't able to sell last year because of drought conditions.

House fire on Lillian Street in Shreveport

Shreveport fire crews are on the scene of a house fire on Lillian Street. The blaze broke out about 1:30 this afternoon.

House vote to hold attorney general Holder in contempt possible soon

The U.S. House could, for the first time in history, vote this week to cite a sitting U.S. attorney general for contempt of Congress.

Gibsland finances under investigation

Gibsland Mayor Odell Key is 18 months into his 4 year term, but he's already hearing questions from local people about how he's managing the town finances.

Girl drowns in residential pool in South Bossier

One girl dies after falling into a backyard pool in Bossier Sunday afternoon.

Shreveport thief caught wheeling away the neighborhood

A Shreveport man was busted wheeling a neighborhood's goods away on a dolly Friday afternoon.

Marion County Humane Society closer to build goals

The Marion County Humane Society is a few steps closer to breaking ground on its own brick-and-mortar building for the first time. Up until now, the organization has relied on voluteers to help foster rescued animals.

Former Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office employee admits to sexual abuse of juvenile girls

HARVEY, LA — A former employee of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is locked up today. That’s because he admitted to sexually abusing juveniles and taking pictures of them.

Tracks of stolen bulldozer lead to thief's house

The tracks of a stolen bulldozer led directly to the thief's house in Harrison County.

$2200 guitar stolen from Shreveport music store

A guitar valued at $2,200.00 was stolen from a Shreveport music store on June 15, 2012. It happened just after 11:30 a.m., at the Shreveport Music Company on the 1800 block of E. 2nd St.