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Sheriff's deputy indicted for alleged sex crimes

A longtime Webster sheriff's deputy was indicted for two sex crimes involving children. Deputy Robert Booth was placed on administrative leave Monday.

Jewish graves vandalized over weekend

SHREVEPORT - Several Jewish graves were vandalized in Shreveport over the weekend. The damage was discovered Saturday at Oakland Cemetary. Nine headstones were broken or overturned.

New information surfaces in Gulf explosion

New information shows a lack of proper safety precautions are to blame for the crisis in the Gulf. Comparing it to natural disasters like the Titanic and Challenger explosions, some senators are saying the rig explosion is due to company negligenc

Authorities find former Senator Long's son

The son of former Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long was found in Mississippi Thursday. Police began to search for Palmer Thursday. They say Mr. Long was headed for Minden. Authorities say Long is safe, alert and lucid.

'Saggy Pant's' Bill doesn't pass House

BATON ROUGE - The 'Saggy Pants' Bill as it's been called, was shot down in the state House Wednesday. The legislation was originally proposed by Representative Rickey Hardy of Lafayette, who called the act of wearing your pants so low your underwe

Governor Jindal calls for more supplies in Gulf

Governor jindal has called on the Coast Guard for more supplies to fight the oil leak in the Gulf. He discussed the need for more containment supplies and resources after touring the spill site from above in a helicopter. Jindal says officials

Bossier City looking into cap-and-replace system

BOSSIER CITY - Bossier City is looking at adopting a cap-and-replace system to reduce the number of billboards across the city. The plan would affect around two-thirds of the billboards in the city. Supporters say it would make the city safer a

Wetlands threatened by growing oil spill

With the oil slick just 20 miles off Louisiana's delicate wetlands, fisherman have taken action to protect the state's marshes. However, there is not enough boom to stop the oil from creeping into wetlands. Due to lack of supplies, fishermen a

House votes yes on teacher evaluation bill, Senate up next

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana House recently passed a bill that allows teachers to be evaluated based on student test scores. The legislation now goes to the Senate for discussion. Those in favor, say it better ties teachers to student education.

Oil spill worker's gear not up to par

A California scientist says those working to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico don't have proper safety gear. Doctor Gina Solomon is concerned responders do not have equipment ventilators, goggles and protective suits.