Local News

Teen arrested after firing stolen gun

A local teen has been arrested after firing a stolen handgun at a group of men during a fight.

Student sexually assaulted in bathroom

Shreveport Police detectives have learned an alleged sexual assault that reportedly occurred at a west Shreveport school yesterday never happened.

Patrol officer nabs car burglar

A Shreveport Police patrol officer has arrested a local man for breaking into a vehicle.

Shreveport Police arrest man for filing a false police report

Shreveport Police detectives have arrested a local man after he allegedly filed a false police report.

City Marshal dies in weekend car accident

The City Marshal for Bossier City died in a wreck on Friday. Marshall Johnny Wyatt crashed on the east bound off-ramp of Interstate 220 in Bossier.

Police catch 2 in connection with murder

Two suspects wanted by police in connection with the shooting death of a local man are in custody.

Feds to study oil spill's effect on bluefin tuna

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The National Marine Fisheries Service will study whether the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has hurt the bluefin tuna population to the point that the fish should be placed on the endangered species list.  

Bossier City cancels meeting for marshal's funeral

The Bossier City Council has cancelled its 3:00 p.m. agenda meeting on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 in recognition of funeral services for City Marshal Johnny Wyatt.

Shreveport police arrest suspected bank robber

Shreveport Police have arrested a local man who robbed a downtown Shreveport bank after threatening tellers with a package he claimed concealed a bomb.

Bus stop shooting puts community on alert

A shooting took place Thursday just four blocks away from an elementary school. Marlene Mendoza reports on the incident.