LSP finds mover 6 million pounds of illegally stored explosives

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 9:00pm

Work on the Camp Minden project started before daybreak on Saturday, closing off roads and helping with last minute evacuations.

Once the sun came up, the dangerous work of moving the m6 pellets started. At the end of the day, Louisiana State Police had good news, there had been no unexpected problems.

While there weren't any unexpected problems, there was a big unexpected development. They had originally thought there to be just over a million pounds of the illegally stored explosive, but after a closer look, they found more that six million pounds of it.

Just over a third of the product was able to be moved over the weekend, because much of it needed to be repacked and was hard to move. But the HazMat team started with the product hardest to move, and they now expect to finish moving the rest of the product by Tuesday. 

The team will stop working if lightening comes within five miles, so the weather could force this project to take longer than anticipated.


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