Marion County Humane Society closer to build goals

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 8:23am

The Marion County Humane Society is a few steps closer to breaking ground on its own brick-and-mortar building for the first time. Up until now, the organization has relied on voluteers to help foster rescued animals. The Marion County Humane Society was founded by Caroline Wedding in 2006 to provide care for abused and abandoned animals across East Texas. Since then, volunteers have been working to gather funds and supplies to build a facility in Jefferson.

As of June, the group has raised just over $100,000. Mary Bird of the Board of Driectors estimates they'll need about $250,000 to construct the building, which will be able to hold 150 animals. That will make it one of the largest rescue facilities in East Texas.

In the meantime, volunteers have moved runs and tarps to a 15-acre land parcel just a few miles from downtown Jefferson. They've set up runs for the larger animals, complete with tarps and fans to keep them cool in the summer heat, until construction on the site can begin.  "We've been able to use this land already, but we need more, so much more, because there's such a need here in Marion County," said Bird.

The group is looking for volunteers across East Texas to contribute to their efforts. They're accepting donations from clean sheets for bedding to water bowls for the animals. Rescue Coordinator Laura Romine tells us they also need volunteers to help clean the area and care for the animals. "We've had animals here since the Bear Creek fire in September. We're not going to give up, they're adoptable," she said.

To get in touch with the Marion County Humane Society, visit the website.


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