Missing children: is there a kidnapping problem?

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 4:14pm

Pictures of missing children pop up on social media, various websites, and broadcast news almost daily.

Unlike the kidnapping of Mickey Shunick in south Louisiana a few years ago, the majority of these missing teens left on their own accord.

According to Corporal Marcus Hines of the Shreveport Police Department, "there's not a kidnapping problem in Shreveport. What we've seen is children, young people, make the conscious decision to run away from home, or a guardian, where ever, simply because that's what they choose to do."

16 year old Rajean George ran away from her Bossier City house on January 10. Last friday... She was found shot to death in this Allendale house. Outcomes like this are the reason that Shreveport police say they will continue to ask for help with each and every runaway child, "If a report is made and it's a juvenile runaway a release will be done, or at least notification in some form will be sent out."

The Caddo Sheriff's Office takes a different approach. Unless officers think the child is in immediate danger, they don't ask for help from the general public. Lt. Sam Hall of the Youth Services Division explains why; "we don't want to put that child out there anymore that what they have to be. When you put them on T.V, it does kind of tend to show maybe that these kids are temporarily vulnerable because they are running away, they're in need to a place to stay." The sheriff's office worries that the wrong people might offer to help, putting the child in even more danger, and making it harder to bring that child home safely.


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