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A worried world watches as Ebola death toll rises; Liberia declares emergency

 A nurse in Nigeria. A businessman in Saudi Arabia. A Spanish priest in Liberia.

Shoppers beware: Retail credit card APRs average 23%

Before you take the bait from the cashier and sign up for a new store credit card, be sure to read the fine print first.

Tourist reportedly crashes drone into Yellowstone National Park's largest hot spring

 Authorities at Yellowstone National Park are investigating reports that a tourist crashed a drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring, the park's

Animal lover leaves $160K to Metro Animal Control

A man who was an animal lover in life is still providing for them, even after his death. James Bomar Talbot left a large cash donation to Metro Animal Care and Control to be used to care for homeless cats.

North Carolina parents charged after baby dies in hot car

A Statesville, North Carolina, infant is dead after being left in a hot car last month, and now his parents are under arrest.

California wildfires temporarily suspend search for aliens

Wildfires raging in Northern California briefly halted the search for extraterrestrial life on Tuesday.

Deemed too dangerous, search for MH17 victims in Ukraine halted for now

The search for victims' remains of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was halted Wednesday because of heavy fighting in the area.

Host of massive rave: 'Worth it' despite drug overdoses

It was a lot quieter Sunday night outside James Taylor's Mecosta County home than it was just hours before. Taylor, 20, calls the farm house that's been in the family for 100 years his party house.

VIDEO: 'Apparently' this is the cutest kid...ever

This is one interview that will just brighten your day! While WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda was interviewing patrons at the Wayne County fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, up walks 5-year old Noah Tritter.

Strangers remove child from hot car; refuse to hand child over to mother until police arrive

In Kansas City, a mother is facing a child endangerment charge after her daughter was left unattended in an unlocked car.