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'Hungry Huskies' ride Shabazz Napier, free throws to NCAA title

The University of Connecticut players were hungry for another championship. Their impressive defense and their ability to hit clutch shots sated that appetite Monday night.

Afghanistan child bride gets second chance at life

In Afghanistan, thousands of families live in extreme poverty in refugee camps like this one in Kabul. Some feel the only way to make ends meet is to sell their daughters as child brides.

Maryland raises minimum wage to $10.10

Maryland is the latest state to boost its minimum wage. The state legislature on Monday approved a bill that raises the wage floor from $7.25 to $10.10 by 2018, and Gov. Martin O'Malley is expected to sign it into law.

Ford recalls 435,000 vehicles

 Ford Motor Co. has announced two recalls, affecting about 435,000 vehicles.

Ditching letter grades for a 'window' into the classroom

Krista Wolfram might be out running errands or in the pickup line at her daughter's school when the alert appears on her smartphone.

Official: Fort Hood gunman asked to transfer to another unit

Fort Hood shooter Spc. Ivan Lopez had asked to transfer and had apparently felt some people in his unit had not treated him appropriately, officials said Monday.

9-month-old booked on attempted murder charge in Pakistan

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attempted murder charge after his family members allegedly threw bricks at police trying to collect an unpaid bill.

Student suspended for finger pistols

A New Jersey father says he's livid after his son was suspended from school after another student accused him of pointing a pen like a gun, Douglas Clark reports.

Giant game of Tetris on the side of a skyscraper

There are many ways to play the classic game "Tetris"; on a computer, smart phone, video game console and now on the side of a building.

Parachute jump breaks world record

A member from the United Arab Emirates' Skydive Dubai parachute team broke the world record on Saturday after landing world's smallest parachute jump measuring 35 square feet, around 3.2 square meters.