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Police: Man on acid demands sandwich, McDonald's trip

 A man allegedly on a week-long acid trip faces robbery and burglary charges for breaking into homes in the Roy area, stealing weapons and making odd demands such as food and rides for a drink, the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office sai

CDC director on Ebola: 'Only thing like this has been AIDS'

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called for a stronger response to the spread of Ebola on Thursday, saying that "we have to work now so that this is not the world's next AIDS."

Protests erupt for second night after police shooting in St. Louis

Protesters took to St. Louis streets for a second night Thursday after an off-duty officer killed a teen who fired at him three times, authorities said.

Customer: I was fired for Comcast complaint

A California accountant says he's been fired from his job because he complained to Comcast about his cable service and bill. Conal O'Rourke worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, which does consulting work for Comcast.

Thomas Eric Duncan: 6 ways his case differs from other U.S. Ebola cases

 His family is devastated. The woman he planned to marry, haunted by the "what ifs." And many are wondering why Thomas Eric Duncan died when several other Ebola patients treated in the United States survived.

Alabama pastor with AIDS slept with church members

 A South Alabama church -- the subject of a sex scandal. The church's now former preacher admitted from the pulpit to sleeping with several church members and not telling his partners he has full-blown AIDS.

Parents welcome, say goodbye to baby for whom they created bucket list

Before he was even born, Shane Michael Haley had already met the Philadelphia Phillies, been to the top of the Empire State Building and shared a cheesesteak with his parents.

Mountain Lion caught on surveillance camera atop car parked in driveway

A man got a big surprise when a motion detector alarm set off outside his home. David Tang reviewed his video and saw a mountain lion standing on top of his car. The incident happened around 3:00a.m.

Lazarus is back after being euthanized twice

This is one tough dog. The four-year-old dog named Lazarus is alive against all odds. He was abandoned by his owner who was moving , was hit by a car, is heart worm positive and had the pad of his left foot removed.

Google hires camel for desert Street View

 It's given us robot cars and internet-enabled glasses -- but when it came to creating a "Street View" of a desert, Google hit on a