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Georgia executes Vietnam veteran who killed a sheriff's deputy

Andrew Brannan, a decorated Vietnam War veteran convicted of murdering a 22-year-old sheriff's deputy in 1998, was executed Tuesday, said Gwendolyn Hogan, spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Feces, drugs and deplorable conditions found inside NM home

Las Cruces Police are investigating a disturbing case of child neglect after learning that an 18-year-old had allegedly abused his 21-year-old girlfriend inside of their home.

You can order Girl Scout cookies online, but there's a catch

Girl Scout cookie fans can finally order their Samoas online, but it looks like the scouts could still learn a thing or two from Amazon. Customers can't just go to the Girl Scouts web site and click the buy button.

This year's Y2K: 'Leap second' threatens to break the Internet

 Get your apocalypse bunker ready. This summer, a "leap second" will threaten to wreak havoc across the Internet.

Facebook to send Amber Alerts

 Facebook will begin sending Amber Alerts in an effort to help find missing children.

Not very smart: Man busted for smuggling 94 iPhones strapped to body

When it comes to smuggling, not all mules are created equal. Chinese customs officials on Sunday busted a Hong Kong man trying to sneak 94 iPhones into the mainland -- by strapping them on his body.

As France, Israel mourn terror victims, al Qaeda branch issues new warning

  From Paris to Jerusalem, families and world leaders gathered to mourn those killed in last week's French terror attacks.

20 years later: Key moments from the O.J. Simpson trial

 It was called the trial of the century and the first true reality show.

7 resolutions that yoga can help you keep past January

 Making New Year's resolutions is easy. Keeping them past January is not.

From ring bearer and flower girl to husband and wife

Briggs Fussy doesn't remember much about walking down the aisle 20 years ago with the woman who would eventually become his wife.