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Dallas Ebola patient, Eric Duncan, has died

 Thomas Eric Duncan left Africa for the United States, by official accounts, a healthy man. Just over two weeks later, he passed away in a Dallas, Texas, hospital with Ebola.

High court at odds over prisoner's religious right to grow a beard

U.S. Supreme Court justices peppered attorneys with questions Tuesday over whether an Arkansas inmate should be allowed to grow a beard as part of his religious faith.

Pilot dies in air tanker crash while fighting fire in Yosemite National Park

The pilot of an air tanker battling a wildfire at Yosemite National Park died after the tanker crashed Tuesday, Cal Fire said.

Police: 4-year-old brings heroin to daycare, gives it out as candy

Nice kid. Wrong thing to share at daycare.

Salt Lake City police hiring controversial 'beer decoys'

A job posting seeking people between the ages of 18 and 20 to help police catch clerks who sell alcohol to minors is causing some controversy.

Source: '7th Heaven' actor subject of molestation allegations

Stephen Collins, who starred in the television show "7th Heaven," is the target of an ongoing child molestation probe into an alleged incident 40 years ago in New York, a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Tuesday.

Man pushing giant testicle across U.S. for cancer

A 31-year old man is raising awareness for testicular cancer in the ballsiest of ways.

Self-funded and deep-rooted: How ISIS makes its millions

On the southern edge of Turkey, rolling brown pastoral hills slope gently to the Syrian border, with small towns like this one dotting the horizon. The calm on this side of the border, however, belies the scene on the other side.

The $12,500 24-carat gold slide for your kid

 If the (gasp) public playground or plastic jungle gym just won't do for your child, you're in luck.

Football safety in question after high school players' deaths

 It was a heartbreaking week for three families, football teams and communities.