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The summer's brightest supermoon comes this August

 The second installment of this summer's season of supermoons is happening Sunday.

Israel carries out strikes on Gaza after rocket fire resumes

 For residents of Gaza and southern Israel, the fleeting period of calm is over.

Got medical debt? Your FICO credit score may go up

 If you have loads of medical debt in collections, you could see your credit score go up soon.

Baker City Councilman arrested for Moon Pie theft, abuse of power

John Givens, who represents District 5 on Baker, LA's City Council, turned himself in to Baker Police investigators at 7:30 Thursday morning.

Vibrio vulnificus: What is the summertime bacteria?

You've likely heard of a "flesh-eating bacteria" hitting Florida and other states this summer. While the bacteria are real, public health officials say the "flesh-eating" part is not.

Teacher shows up drunk, without pants at first day of school

A new school teacher is missing her first week on the job after police say she showed up drunk to school. Lorie Hill was arrested Monday, the first day back at school for teachers at Wagoner High School in Oklahoma.

Golf: Wounded Warriors find salvation in sport

Jeremiah Pauley remembers all too vividly the moment that shrapnel from a roadside bomb in Iraq tore into his body and left his right arm dangling uselessly.

Moms bare bikini bellies for 'Bare Your Belly Rally'

These women, many of them mothers, proudly showed off their flawed bellies. "I wouldn't normally be doing this because it is kind of intimidating being out in public and be showing your tummy."

Russia gives Snowden 3-year residency

 Edward Snowden, who leaked secret information about U.S.