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Statement expected from Gov. Perry in indictment charge

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will deliver a statement at 3 p.m. ET Saturday from the state capitol in Austin, the governor's office says.

AZ man walks thousands of miles picking up litter

Long before the sun is high in the sky, Jerry Meyers, 72, is on the move. "I wear out a couple pair of shoes a year, two or three," Meyers said.

'The Giver': Jeff Bridges' 18-year dream comes true

Outside of superheroes, young adult adaptations have become one of the few thing studios can count on.

Demonstrators in Phoenix peacefully protest police brutality

Calls for peace and justice in Phoenix as police and protesters continue to clash in a St. Louis suburb.

Woman drinks chemical-filled tea at Utah restaurant

A Utah woman is hospitalized after drinking sweet tea accidentally mixed with industrial cleaner. Jan Harding knew right away when she took a sip of her sweet tea something wasn't right.

Ferguson police chief: Officer didn't know Brown as robbery suspect

The Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown didn't stop him because he was suspected in a recent robbery, but because he was "walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic," the city's police chief said Friday.

Americans charged in death of woman found in suitcase in Indonesia

Two Americans have been charged with murder in the death of a Chicago woman whose bloody body was found this week in a suitcase outside an Indonesian hotel, police in the Indonesian province of Bali said Friday.

BBB warning: 'Click bait' scams exploit Robin Williams’ death

Whenever a major story dominates the news, scammers take advantage of the public’s interest with online photos, stories and social media links that claim to offer sensational details.

Michael Brown suspect in robbery before he was shot to death, police say

Investigators named Michael Brown, the teen shot and killed by police in a St. Louis suburb, as a suspect in a convenience store robbery that occurred moments before the shooting, according to Ferguson police documents released Friday.

Burger King ditches lower-calorie fries

 After just one year on the menu, Burger King is pulling lower-calorie fries from most of its restaurants.